El Gorgo! Issue #2 Cover Preview

Greetings! The trained monkeys at El Gorgo! HQ are working diligently to bring you, our valued readers the next breathtaking installment of El Gorgo! In the meantime, I give you this small teaser, the cover to Issue #2!

This is not the absolute final version of the cover, since we at El Gorgo! HQ strive for perfection, but it should whet your eager appetites to see more! And now, back to work!

El Gorgo! Issue #2 Cover

The adventure continues! Trapped on Titan, ten-thousand years in the future, El Gorgo! and Nika face a new breed of Deep Ones as the Hour of Dagon approaches! Meanwhile, the Humanosaurs prepare for war!

Will the Deep Ones succeed in resurrecting a greater, more powerful Dagon? What is the shocking secret of the Humanosaurs? Does El Gorgo! still have a shot at making that gig back home on Earth?

All this and more in “Terror On Titan!”

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