El Gorgo! Issue #2 is here!

We are very pleased to announce that El Gorgo! issue #2 is now available!

Read it now online or download it in PDF or CBR formats!

Pre-order the print edition!
(shipping in mid-late February)

We hope you enjoy it!

The adventure continues! Trapped on Titan, ten-thousand years in the future, El Gorgo! and Nika face a new breed of Deep Ones as the Hour of Dagon approaches! Meanwhile, the Humanosaurs prepare for war!

Will the Deep Ones succeed in resurrecting a greater, more powerful Dagon? What is the shocking secret of the Humanosaurs? Does El Gorgo! still have a shot at making that gig back home on Earth?

All this and more in “Terror On Titan!”

7 Responses to “El Gorgo! Issue #2 is here!”

  • While I wont get to read this until sometime later today, based on how much I enjoyed the first issue, I’ve already pre-ordered the second.

  • Awesome!

  • Amigos!!! Your kind words have stirred my heart. I regret only that I was not able to reply to your stirring praise sooner!!! As it happens, I was mountaineering…embroiled in an adventure that — yes!! — I am assured will be chronicled in an upcoming episode of this very comic book magazine!!! (El Gorgo can say no more on this subject!) But FIRST! There shall come the exciting conclusion of the story this periodical currently relates!! I have read the script and have had heard tell of preliminary artwork, and I trust that you will not be disappointed. IT IS A TALE SO EPIC THAT EIGHT EXTRA PAGES WILL BE REQUIRED TO CONVEY IT!!! I myself can hardly wait to read it — and I was there! But enough of that for now!! A most sincere gracias to you all…and best wishes for a very happy new year!!!


  • Thank you, Chris Sims, for shining the light of EL GORGO! into my deadened eyes. EL GORGO! looks more awesome than possible. I can’t wait to get it in my hands - the power of EL GORGO! is too much to just be looked at on a screen. It must exist physically to feel the full impact of its supersonic badassitude.

  • Congratulations on the new comic release! I am reading it posthaste!

    Small technical note: There is an extra “/” at the end of your PDF link, resulting in a 404. Thanks again!

  • Thanks for pointing that out Marty. The link is fixed! We hope you’re enjoying issue #2!!!!!

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