New! El Gorgo! T-Shirts!

To celebrate the arrival of El Gorgo! issue #2 in print, we’re giving you even MORE STUFF TO BUY!!!!!

We’re very pleased to announce that we now have El Gorgo! t-shirts for sale, in partnership with Spreadshirt!

El Gorgo! T-Shirts!

All our t-shirts are 100% cotton Hanes shirts, available in both men’s and women’s styles and your choice of colors. Prior to offering these shirts for sale, the dilligent monkeys at El Gorgo! HQ tested several for quality and durability. The conclusion: El Gorgo himself would proudly wear these shirts, if he actually wore shirts!

We’ll be periodically adding and retiring designs, so if you see one you like, snap it up while you can!

To quote El Gorgo! writer extraordinaire, "Magnificent" Mike McGee:

… But you don’t have to buy them! No, in this brave new electronic age, you can through the power of the internet embrace — for free! — virtual versions of clothing that would once have required actual cotton and the labor of dozens of hardworking seamstresses/seamsters (?) to —

Oh. Oh, wait. No. No, actually, I’m sorry. I’m being told that you do have to buy them. BUT! I myself have already purchased prototypical versions of two (there are four magnificent designs in all!!!), and I assure you that these function much as t-shirts in your experience ordinarily do, covering your torso and upper arms in a sheath of high-quality fabric. BUT THESE T-SHIRTS ARE DIFFERENT IN THAT THEY GIVE YOU SCIENCE POWER. They also wash well and feature designs that will survive my dryer!!! And, I can only presume, your own dryer, too. These truly are the shirts that El Gorgo himself would wear if he wore shirts!!! He doesn’t, but you probably should, because it is wintertime…but THESE shirts you will want to wear even when it is NOT COLD. You will want to wear them all year round! But for the love of God, please wash them on occasion.


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