El Gorgo! Issue #03!!!!

El Gorgo! #3


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Thanks to everyone for their patience and support as we worked tirelessly to bring you this new issue! Enjoy it!!!!!


The army of the Humanosaurs, led by the mighty Gorgosaurus battles the army of the Deep Ones for the fate of Titan, nay, the very universe itself!!! El Gorgo and Eddie Devil are caught in the middle as Nika faces the resurrected High Priestess of Dagon!!

Will our heroes survive? Find out in the stunning conclusion to our first epic tale, so large we had to add extra pages to contain it!!!!!

Bonus Content!

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5 Responses to “El Gorgo! Issue #03!!!!”

  • My mind has been officially blown. Congratulations!

  • Happy fun time! I’ve been waiting for this for months and months and such!

  • I just got linked to this site, and just… wow. You guys have somehow created a comic that appeals directly to whatever part of my brain defines “awesome” and overloaded it. I’ll be back later to buy the three-issue pack to give to my father, I know he’d love it. And if he doesn’t, well, I’ll just keep this work of awesomeness incarnate to myself.

  • Great Job guys! I’m now an official El Gorgo fan! What’s better then a gorilla in a Luchador mask?! Nothing! Nothing I tell you! Gave it a plug too!

  • Thanks, George (…again?)! And to everybody else, as well! We’re furiously working on #4 now, so keep watching the skies….

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