Who is El Gorgo!?! What is El Gorgo!?! Who the heck are you guys!?! What is this!?!

In a nutshell, El Gorgo! is a comic book, published for free on on this very website. The first issue just went live in June 2008, and the second issue is underway as you read this.

Inspired by the wonderful comics of the Silver-Age, El Gorgo! is all about BIG! AWESOME! COSMIC! ADVENTURES!

If you enjoy reading El Gorgo! and wish to support our continuing venture into online publishing, please consider purchasing a printed copy.
The Characters

El Gorgo!

El Gorgo is the world’s greatest Luchador. He is a gorilla. He also is the world’s greatest surf-guitarist. And he writes historical fiction. And he’s a scientist. And he fights crime. And he goes on adventures. Sometimes he sleeps for a few seconds.

The Supporting Cast

Nika: Kidnapped by the Deep Ones to be sacrificed to Dagon and originally conceived as a typical damsel-in-distress, Nika’s role in the first story will be significant.

Eddie Devil: Like El Gorgo, Eddie is a freelance agent for LUCHA LIBERTY. He’s a blue-colar luchador and total gearhead. His name is inspired by the legendary guitarist Eddie Angel of Los Straitjackets.

Lucy: A full-time agent for LUCHA LIBERTY, Lucy is a technical genius and assists Eddie Devil in finding El Gorgo.

Senor Grande: The mysterious blind luchador leader of LUCHA LIBERTY, his history dates back to World War II and the heroes of a bygone era. Though blind, Senior Grande is one of the greatest fighters alive today.

Gorgo-A-Go-Go: El Gorgo’s surf-rock band, currently very miffed at El Gorgo for potentially ruining their biggest show to date.

The Creators

Mike McGee, Writer

He is one of the founders of the legendary and sadly now-defunct Frontier Publishing. When he’s not writing El Gorgo! Mike is busy saving the universe, practicing extreme dentistry, drinking coffee, and writing other things. Mike McGee hails from Cleveland, Ohio and currently resides in Alexandria, VA. He is under the spell of a Gargantuan Amazon cat named Mina.

Tamas Jakab, Artist

Tamas Jakab is from Cleveland, Ohio. He lives in a house with a girl, a dog and two cats. When he’s not drawing El Gorgo! he’s probably stuck working a day job and sometimes drawing other things. It’s suspected he’s from a parallel universe not unlike our own, but it can’t be proven.