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Interview with the creators of El Gorgo!

Comix 411 has a brand new interview with us!

Also, El Gorgo! #2 will be shipping starting on February 23! Get those orders in now! More to come soon!

Mis amigos!!!

Hola!!! I, El Gorgo, am at last blogging!!! It is possible that you are now asking — as though I were there in the very same room with you!! — “But El Gorgo! Are you not consumed by the task of writing a sequel to your critically-lauded historical epic, Fires of Antietam?!” Indeed! Yet even El Gorgo cannot write on such weighty themes all the hours of the day! “But El Gorgo!! What of the long-awaited new album from the world’s greatest surf rock band, Gorgo-A-Go-Go?! Should you not be recording it even now?!” YES! And I am, even as I type these very words — for El Gorgo records much of his finest work playing guitar with his fortunately nimble feet!! “But El Gorgo!!! What of your never-ending battle against the forces of eldritch darkness and unspeakable evil in all its hideous forms???!!!”

My friends. Allow me to explain. Although it is true that evil abounds — will we never be free of its blight? — it is true also that when one dwells too long in darkness, one becomes a thing of darkness himself. It is not the place of El Gorgo to cast aspersions upon fictional “heroic” characters with whom you may be familiar, but I will say this: Many “crises” may be circumvented if one approaches each day with a spring in one’s step, a lightness in one’s heart, and a joie de vivre in one’s soul. This is the credo by which your humble servant, El Gorgo!, lives!!! Also: “When in doubt, kick-punch it in the face.” (You may wish to read that metaphorically.) At all events!!! The point is this: If El Gorgo were to spend all his free time battling evil, then only evil would he know! No, amigos; this would not do. And so!!! To blogging!!!

For yes!!! It is the hope of El Gorgo that here he can “touch base” with those who know him through his works — or perhaps even through the four-color comical book that chronicles his adventures: El Gorgo: The World’s Most Awesome Comics Magazine!!! I assure you that El Gorgo reads every issue, and certifies that every event therein is an account of something that actually happened!!! (I believe I am slightly less grandiose than Mr. McGee would have you conclude, however; and Mr. Jakab might more accurately reflect my weight in his otherwise excellent drawings. I am quite trim!!! These small misgivings aside, I endorse their periodical wholeheartedly.) While I am contractually obligated not to “spoiler” future events of said publication, I would be happy to reply to any and all other questions regarding its content…indeed, to any questions at all!!! I ask only that you “keep it clean”…this is, after all, El Gorgo’s virtual “living room!!!”

Buenas noches…FOR NOW!!!