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El Gorgo!

… So yeah, I flat-out love it, and if you’re into the type of things I usually get behind here on the ISB, then you’ll probably love it, too. But here’s the best part: Even though they’re selling hard copies of the first issue at the aforementioned $3.95, McGee and Jakab have offered up the whole damn thing as a free download JPG, PDF, and CBR. That’s right, folks: Three formats free of charge and a hard copy you can buy if you like it, which I’m pretty sure has officially taken the lead in terms of online convenience. …

Linkstravaganza! September 9, 2008

… El Gorgo calls itself “The World’s Most Awesome Comic Magazine” and it’s hard to deny that it’s at least in the top four, particuarly as it has a gorilla luchador. …


It’s….it’s so beautiful I actually cried
You can catch a bit of Kirby in there as well, as far as storytelling and overall style goes. Truly, a masterpiece of our times.

Suddenly … EL GORGO!!

… If you have any love for comics in your heart, you’ll love El Gorgo. The comic crams a ton of awesome into a story in which Lovecraft’s Dagon, Kirby-crackle and a super-intelligent gorilla luchador are only the beginning. And while it owes a definite debt to the Silver Age, the title avoids becoming a shallow imitation without sacrificing any of the fun; every time El Gorgo opens his mouth it’s like listening to a happy-go-lucky Namor, and I can’t wait to see more of a supporting cast that apparently includes a dog in a wrestler’s mask. …