El Gorgo!

El Gorgo! was a digital comic book written by Mike McGee and drawn by Tamas Jakab, published from 2008 - 2010.

Three complete issues were published along with a Halloween Special and Christmas Special.

El Gorgo is the world's greatest Luchador. He is a gorilla. He also is the world's greatest surf-guitarist. And he writes historical fiction. And he's a scientist. And he fights crime. And he goes on adventures. Sometimes he sleeps for a few seconds.

El Gorgo! #1

Here Today, Dagon Tomorrow!

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El Gorgo! #2

Terror On Titan!

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El Gorgo! #3

The Hour Of Dagon!

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El Gorgo's Eerie Tales - Watery Grave!

2010 Halloween Special

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El Gorgo At The End Of The World

2010 Christmas Special

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