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El Gorgo! Issue #01

El Gorgo! Issue #1 CoverFirst Issue!

WOULD YOU BELIEVE that only the flying fists and Einsteinian-level intellect of an 800-pound gorilla luchador stand between the world you know and a mad god’s dream of global domination?!? YOU’D BETTER! Your life depends on it!

Welcome to the world of El Gorgo! In this issue, we meet the legendary gorilla luchador as he fights the mad sea-god, Dagon and his minions, the Deep Ones! Then he finds himself mysteriously transported to the moon of Titan! What is the terrible secret that awaits him? And will he return home in time to play the biggest show of his life? All this and more!

El Gorgo! Issue #02

The adventure continues! Trapped on Titan, ten-thousand years in the future, El Gorgo! and Nika face a new breed of Deep Ones as the Hour of Dagon approaches! Meanwhile, the Humanosaurs prepare for war!

Will the Deep Ones succeed in resurrecting a greater, more powerful Dagon? What is the shocking secret of the Humanosaurs? Does El Gorgo! still have a shot at making that gig back home on Earth?

All this and more in "Terror On Titan!"

El Gorgo! Issue #03


The army of the Humanosaurs, led by the mighty Gorgosaurus battles the army of the Deep Ones for the fate of Titan, nay, the very universe itself!!! El Gorgo and Eddie Devil are caught in the middle as Nika faces the resurrected High Priestess of Dagon!!

Will our heroes survive? Find out in the stunning conclusion to our first epic tale, so large we had to add extra pages to contain it!!!!!

El Gorgo! Holiday Specials

El Gorgo’s Eerie Tales: Watery Grave (Halloween Special

El Gorgo's Eerie Tales!

Happy Halloween, Amigos! El Gorgo has a special treat for you all! From deep within the vaults, I bring you a lost tale from yesteryear!

Read on… if you dare!!!!!

El Gorgo At The End Of The World (Christmas Special)

El Gorgo At The End Of The World

Not only is Christmas at stake, but THE VERY UNIVERSE ITSELF!!!!!

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